Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Drift

It has been a while since I posted on this blog. Not that I've had nothing to say. Quite the contrary. Too many thoughts have taken hold of me. Words and syllables and languages twist and ricochet. Plots hibernate. Medieval whispers and ancient lore have me mesmerized. I've been in this surreal world, falling in and out of love with threads of sublime words. Characters that form and dissolve.

Opinions suddenly seem superfluous. Contemporary politics, bizarre. Ideology is like a movie I've seen in my childhood that flashes every now and then - a passionate and colorful tale full of promise. Yet I already know how the movie ends. There's compromise and heartache. And betrayal. Would it not be hypocritical to suddenly raise an alarm and act surprised that all this happened? When it happened before, and will happen again. Is human existence cyclical?

Ah, and there are questions. Like a six-year-old who heard the murmur of the sea for the first time in a shell and wonders why, I have become curious about a million little things. And there are a million seashells left to discover and marvel at.  
I have let myself drift this way and that in this magical world of meanings. Gladly. Wordless for a time.  

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