Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Age of Kali

Where sexual assault, corruption, politics, exploitation and violence reign supreme, what is the state of women?

"India" is not only the land where the Shiva-Shakti concept originated, it is also the land where the Kali cult forced its way through patriarchy. There has never been a ubiquitous belief or culture that pervaded "India." While some believed in the equality of the sexes, some in male gods with superhuman powers, still others believed in Kali (Shakti), the raging, blood thirsty female godess. There should have been a reason why Kali came to exist.

The Amanat case is but one instance of the brutal treatment of women in this so called Democracy. As a new country still struggling to keep all its classes and castes integrated to "India" and its "development," this country has always had a personality issue. It calls itself a Socialist country, but actually is Capitalist, while some states really want Communism. This could be seen as co-existence and Democratic, but the ground reality is harsh. The Government uses the military against its own people to keep them patriotic and within the nation called "India." People are killed, their resources stolen. The northeast and other states feel alienated... let me not get into the debate of whether "India" is a country in the definitive sense. And the women, in such a lawless place, are unsafe. They are abused, raped, molested, and killed.

Women are targets, for the savages to vent their socio-economic-sexual frustration on.

The reasons stated by the inhuman primates who rape women in urban areas range from "To teach them a lesson," to "She attracted me with her skimpy clothes, and I wanted her." Rape in cities is usually inter-class, the rich assault the poor, the poor rape the middle-class, the rich and the middle-class are in the muddle as well. In the rural parts of this great country, men rape women of other, usually lower, mostly Dalit castes, and other religions. And the police, that's another story all together. Talk about using power to assault and get away with it.

This is not new to "India," or humanity. It has happened since time immemorial. The Vedas begin with the incestuous rape of Usha by her father, Prajapati. And in Greek mythology, we find Laius rape Chrysippus.

But, only in Indian thought did Kali emerge. The fuming goddess who destroyed evil with her sabers, fire and fangs.

There is a revolution happening in India. What the protestors in Delhi want : capital punishment, is not something I agree with. But the cause for which they are protesting is a great event of our times. Their solidarity is supreme, and necessary. Kali has to unleash her anger sometime.

Women are not perpetually serene creatures, they could dance on you with a garland of skulls around their neck if necessary.

At a time when society is falling apart, the Government is just another gang that plays the power game. But, now is the Age of Kali. She is here, and she would stop evil. She has to.

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