Monday, December 3, 2012

Political Ideologies

I've been debating this for a long time now.  I believe all my work shows this vacillation... a contradiction, a question, a momentary belief in a certain ideology only to watch as it flits away, it's meaning completely broken...

This blog has been named Abyssal Oceans of Momentary Existence for that very same reason. We exist momentarily, so do our pure ideologies... they would fizzle away, not because they weren't real, but as they too would transgress and pursue a path contradictory to what they set out to achieve in the first place.

There are a multitude of political ideologies that rule the world and people's minds. There is the left, the ultra-left, the right and the so-called centre. Where there is freedom, justice and equality, we are told, there is peace, at least theoretically. Although, what do human beings value? Power, money, love, harmony, religion, anti-abortion? One could be extremely critical of humans and say that they possess absolutely no morals, and if not controlled by a government (military or otherwise) society would sink. Utopia always had a political ideology looming overhead, a set of rules, right and wrong (Not including hippie communes). 

Politics. And ideologies. World wars. Terrorism. Pain. 

Does it make any difference which ideology we pursue? Of course, someone would say that capitalism is the fair way, and another would say: "Power to the workers." But wait, is it not true that capitalism leads to a middle-class lifestyle for most with some enjoying extraordinary benefits, and does not communism lead to a large working class while some dwell in blind power? What's the difference between the two? Suffering and suppression exist in both places. 

The United States meant to stand for individual freedom and democracy. Although not fond of the government's foreign policy, I always admired that country's inherent urge to give every one of its citizens freedom of expression; so many great minds have influenced the world from among that country's people. But, recently, there has been a growing revolution in the proud motherland of capitalism, of the 99% as they call themselves. A purely economic problem, or more?

And the red nations that fought for equality of all comrades are not celebrating either. The Russian government has arrested and sentenced two women to two long years in prison, because they "sang" in protest of their government. And we all know how much China censors its media and its people's thought.

India. Well, at least, Indian politicians don't take any political ideology too seriously. There are communists, capitalists, Gandhians, right wingers, pious saints, and scions of royal and caste families sitting in the Indian parliament debating FDI and cricket. They also tear papers and attack each other other, and occasionally pass bills or hear each other out. Meanwhile, the people suffer. The rich and the middle-classes face the problem of the lack of infrastructure and the poor... much has been said about them.

It seems to me that there is no political ideology that truly gives people freedom, or peace. Or, is there? Are we all anarchists of peace now? I don't want to give it a tag just yet. 

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