Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'Let Me Molest You'

'Let me molest you,' he says.

I look at him with disgust, and walk away. He pulls me by my hand and sneers. 
Something tells me he isn't joking. 
I panic. 

I scream for help. Not many turn to notice. 
And those who do, join in.
To grope, to graze.

To rape.

Then I'm left with nothing.
Just pain.

And shame. 

But sisters tell me,

And I try to believe them. 

I dare to ask for justice. 

But they think differently.

They say it's I who provoke.
That I dress like this.

They advice me on how I should be.

'But,' I tell them,
'Ancient India was open,
and women dressed how they liked.'

'It's man's basic animal instinct,'
They say. 
Has always been so.

I walk. To the media.

They arrest him.

But he still grins at me. 
He is being interviewed. 

And I finally realize what the media 
Actually do.

I have no patience left. 
I want revenge.

Shall I turn into her?

Is that my only option? 

Or would they change?

Can we not live in peace,
As men and women were meant to?

For now
All I am left with
Is this. 

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