Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To My Fellow Engineers...

I have been thinking---since I left the engineering stream, to pursue writing---on where we parted ways. My world is different now, it involves analysing the basic human condition, ideas and words. But yours, is of technical precision, accuracy...the passion to want to be part of creating a machine, a technology of power; the dream of creating a free, beautiful automated world.
We are so far away from each other now. I'm still thinking of how this life of ours came to be, while you are making things happen. You make technology which works. I'm wondering about ideologies which might be obsolete.
But, I understand your world. I respect it. You have the courage to see beyond your immediate surrounding's problems, and discover a world which requires your expert skills. It's important that more people see that world where one's skills are more important than characteristics such as guile.
All I want from you, as an ex-member of your fraternity, is for you to try to see what I'm seeing. About these despicable conditions of humanity...a lack of liberty.

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