Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sex Scandals Galore

It’s as though the country’s parliamentarians await the release of tapes or videos showing their rivals in compromising positions. Be it those of parliamentarians watching porn in workplaces, dirty talking on the phone, or actually performing the ‘oh-my-god’ act: having sex. ‘Compromising,’ because Indian collective morality tells us to live in denial. We don’t think of Gods having sex, neither are we to think that our politicians have a sex life. Politicians should be, what’s that word, ‘dignified,’ at least in public.
And imagine, what if one of the politicians has sexual relations with someone who he/she is not married to… the media would debate it to death. And every ‘respectable’ character in Indian public life would be on the mainstream news channels to discuss the distinction between private and public life, and the pros and cons of social media: Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. The Chairman of the Press Council of India would talk of regulating, censoring the internet. The BJP spokeswoman would conveniently forget the rape and pogrom of Muslim women by BJP-sponsored Hindus in Gujarat, and talk of ‘ethics.’ The Prime Minister would ignore the event altogether, the Congress President would reshuffle the party to ‘change its image.’ And the starving millions would continue to die, the tribal people would continue to be displaced, women would be raped, the army would hold down and kill more people under the AFSPA; but nobody would debate it. It is not breaking news, the media is not interested; there are no sensational videos recording these gruesome events.
India is OBSESSED with sex. The less Indians talk about it, the more they think about it. Why do we alienate our minds from the idea of sex? Contemporary middle-class society has set up its own ‘moral code.’ They expect politicians to be of noble character; because they hold ‘dignified,’ constitutional positions of high merit. The rich don’t really care; the personal affairs of politicians do not bother them. The poor are too busy counting pennies, trying not to starve. Whereas, the patriotic middle-class, which takes the democracy seriously, expects its politicians to be ‘clean.’ Clean not only means straightforward in the not-corrupt sense, but also means that the politicians should be scandal-clean. To be more precise, sex-scandal-clean.
Why do the media and the people enjoy seeing their respectable, long-words-speaking, bill-passing, politicians charged with moral misconduct? What is moral misconduct anyway?
Maybe, the chaste Indian public needs to sit down, meditate, and think of sex once and for all. Yes, everyone likes to think about sex, talk dirty, watch porn, and what’s more, even politicians and judges HAVE SEX, sometimes with people other than their wedded partners. A few of them like it kinky even. It is fine. Why do you care?
Now that everyone has vetted their sexual appetite, could we move on from debating sexy actresses’ personal lives, sex videos of politicians, and talk about bigger things, for example, the reality of Democracy, the threat of Imperialism? The appalling rich-poor divide? Human rights? Freedom, perhaps?

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