Monday, March 14, 2011

Words and Images

Recently, I was part of a visual art and literature collaboration program. The idea was to find out how artists responded to words, and writers to visual art. Contemplation on whether visual art should necessarily inspire writers remains, but the results of this collaboration was quite interesting. I found myself responding not only to the visual art in front of me, but also to the silent music in the piece of art. I searched for music which went with the illustration, and then the words came easily. The combination of words, music and visual art are hypnotizing.
I wrote 'Mermaid' as a response to Laura Dixon's painting, listening to Zbigniew Preisner's 'To Know.' The angelic vocals and the music swayed me emotionally, and I could almost see the mermaid in the painting swim to the surface...
To view various literary responses to art by fellow writers from Edinburgh, follow this link...


  1. Literature is closely associated with other noble art forms, as you have deftly established in this post. Words, painting, or music- whatever the medium of your expression, the abstract form of creative ideas are the same. Indeed, Mermaid mesmerizes us, like a heavenly music or blissful painting.

  2. Thank you so much, The Reader! Recently, I have been interested in the merging of different art forms... Do keep reading the blog!