Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There it is, again.
That unbound feeling, as though I am sinking in the ocean with nothing to hold on to.
What is the purpose?
Where am I going?
I feel claustrophobic. I walk to the window and open it.
I stare into the night sky, the racing clouds.
The cold air stings my face.
But I stand still.
Debussy's Calir de lune plays softly in the room.
The streets are empty.
All the trees have withered.
I rest my arms on the window sill, tilt my head towards the sky.
The moon catches my eye.
I listen to the piano...

He slides his muscular arms around me.
I can smell him, of fresh water from the mountains.
Cleansing me, my thoughts.
He breathes softly by my ear, the warmth sends currents through me.
I turn my head to his.
We kiss, and I know...
I am on earth. I am real. We are real.