Saturday, July 10, 2010

Images which haunt, words that linger, ideologies lost in a haze...

A few pictures which caught my eye, and captured my thoughts, made me taciturn---for it takes time to fathom pain.

Pictures which escape our sight, amidst glamor and color, yet these images remain....simple stories they depict; to us which seem unimportant. These people's livelihoods quashed. Let me be silent,

They chose a forest to cut

Tribals to displace,

Forgetting the past,

Of all the pain,

Bhopal, disasters, of those who don't count,

And those who do oppose,
armed with bows and arrows,

Against the powerful center,
The India shining,
Consisting of arms and ammunition,

No, the tribals cannot match the INSAS light machine gun
with their bamboo bows and arrows.
They become bodies to be carried around inhumanly,
By officers to show their incredulous fighting skills...

And what's worse?
They do other things,
In northern valleys where children live under curfew;
Where they teach not to walk on streets,

It's unsafe,


While they brandish their power,
To keep antagonistic neighbors at bay,

Problems within,

And without,



  1. i happened to stumble upon your blog. and i must say, very interesting one. i liked the writing style. expecting to read more of this...:)

  2. While I am overcome by a deep sense of admiration for your unadulterated passion to see all things even (by your repeated use of the word 'egalitarian'), I am left disappointed at the empty ending of your essay..... So, let me ask you this - what do you think is the solution to the problem that you have laid out.... What could have been done so that a little girl would not have to beg for money for bone marrow transplant?

  3. thammizh: 'as contradictions abound' was meant to elaborate on what the title suggested. i did not consider myself significant enough to suggest a 'solution'. but in the article, i did mention what i thought was the path towards a solution...namely, to face reality, accept that poverty and injustice are rampant in the country, and to work towards alleviating that; instead of making the world believe that India is the shiny, glossy, burgeoning dream.
    and austerity,...spending on what matters.
    moreover, i do not believe there is a single solution to the problems in India. The problem is ideological....and change should also come that way. It is a slow process, but will definitely come someday.
    ---and someone commented saying that celebration is a part of life... and i'm quoting here what i told it holds significance to our conversation:
    Although I do acknowledge that celebration is a part of life; the ultimate aim of any civilization, by means of socio-cultural evolution, is to get to a point where all have equal means---and only those societies which possess the art of looking at the world through a filter (conveniently filtering out any unwanted sights such as the slum dwellers--literally out of sight, out of mind) can happily lavish money on all forms of excesses.
    And my opinion, insignificant as it may be, is that, as long as a civilization has the will to overlook the needy (which is how many societies have been for centuries---that religion, and even governments allow this discrepancy to exist as though it's natural) and injustice, saying that it'll tackle those problems later-----these problems will exist forever.
    The world has trained us to turn a blind eye to pain...and that's what bothers me....
    I don't necessarily advocate depression! I'm for celebrating art, culture and literature... I'm merely suggesting a more austere way to do it!...

  4. i was shocked to read this blog, got random when i browsed , this blog has lot of information. I am sure, it tool a lot of your valuable time :) still worth it :) you have a great writing style which i dont have lol
    Lot of messages :) thanks for such a wonderful blog

  5. Hey Sindhu...Nice blog keep up the good work..Just drop me a mail when your book is pulished.I would definitely read it

  6. MSK: Thank you!
    Chokki: Thanks, will keep you informed about my book!:)

  7. Dear Sindhu,
    I respect and honour your thirst for true freedom in the nation, your tireless work in itself is a great achievement. Many people gave up their desire and principle when they can't find any oasis in the dry desert, but you have been earnestly working for it is your life. I do believe that your blog had touch millions to realisation of truth and justice and will help each individual to attain the true freedom, which our nation's forefathers had sacrifice their life.
    Thank You... with tears and prayers,

  8. Dear Pangseng,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It's always a great, engulfing feeling to know that people like you are concerned, and are looking to change the world, too. Some might call us dreamers, but if we don't dream for the world, and point out the gruelling reality to them, who will?

    Hope to have you read my blog in the future, too.