Sunday, June 13, 2010


I declare at the outset—I am no feminist (or, am I?); for this has come to signify an aberrant notion of a world ruled by women, devoid of men. The reason for the above perception, created out of odium, as far as I can fathom, is religion. Brace yourself to read some quotes—derogatory,

“She should do nothing independently, even in her own house…
Though her husband be uncouth and prone to pleasure, the virtuous wife
should ever worship her husband as a god.”, says the Law of Manu.

“Men have authority over women…As for those women who disobey, admonish them and beat them.”, says the Koran.

“Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to
teach, nor to usurp authority over a man, but to be in silence.”, says the Bible.

Many would argue that women today have all opportunities open to them, and that men are the disadvantaged. The feminist revolution has ‘happened’. My opinion differs vastly. But before I proceed further, for those who are religious, let me acknowledge here that the scriptures do contain praiseworthy verses on women,“A wife of noble character is a husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.”…I shall let you contemplate on which holy book I found this in! And I shall refrain from commenting on how women can only be virtuous as wives, and not as philosophers…in the scriptures.

Why the sudden interest in this feature of civilization? I read Doris Lessing, and in the Sci-Fi world that she creates, I found women performing rather different functions from that which women today on planet earth perform. Over time, women, and men, have been brainwashed to such an extent, by a coterie of those who were sanctified by the ‘Gods’ to write the scriptures, that the natural and scientific tendencies and specializations of our species has been forgotten!

To put it in plain words---we are so thoroughly convinced that a woman is equal to a man only when she proves to be able to perform functions which come naturally to man, in the process tiring and torturing herself…By this, I do not proclaim that the woman’s natural penchant is only to raise a family and cook—but that science has proved that while men can tackle immediate crisis situations quite imperturbably, women have the mental stamina to sustain long term stratagem.

We consider ourselves civilized, following religions which span over vast spaces of time and land...but for a moment, consider the simple and, in ‘sociological’ terms, primitive tribal societies, who worship the mother goddess and the natural forces; they acknowledge the intuitive nature of women with respect—as she is presupposed to have a good mind for long term stratagems. Although I might be oversimplifying the situation, it’s almost inevitable to accept the fact that many of the world’s quandaries can be solved by women…with intuition, without war. And this conclusion I came to, after watching many documentaries of war-torn nations, such as the following video, listening to the Afghanistani women…

Nature meant for us to be—man and woman---not to enforce our writs on each other, but to complement each other with our innumerable aptitudes of various predilections. When those people, who we consider primitive on the evolutionary scale, can understand this, we only complicated simple things with written words. Now scientifically, we probe into possibilities of complicating things further---to create sexes dissimilar! O, what horrid creatures we have become! Instead of just listening to the malevolent thunder and the serene earth….!

Postscript: Prakriti is the female principle, in the Rig Veda, which interplays with the male principle, Purusha, to create the universe…Prakriti being the power which invokes the quiescent Purusha.


  1. Hey Sindhu, you are awesome yaar! You are just the same! Earlier you used write your feelings in dairies and paste pics and now you are writing blogs... Cool!

  2. Though I dont know the history, I want to 'LIKE' what Kavya has said!

  3. Though I dont know the history, I want to 'LIKE' what Kavya has said!